Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another great email...

I got another great email from a Firefox community member. This one comes from Rosa and was too funny not to share.

Dear Firefox team,
After installing the new beta version this morning (thanks btw!), I realized that I had no more time to make lunch to bring to work. So I decided to pick up a quick sandwich in our new neighborhood sandwich-shop; " Lu-sub"recently opened by a sweet Vietnamese old man "Lu" who had his filtered-water-shop there before. As he showed me proudly his new printed poster of the menu on the wall (see picture attached), my eyes where especially caught by the "steak" sandwich; with " Mozilla cheese" who knew!!! Being Dutch, I am a big cheese fan, and also a big Mozilla fan, finally my two favorites together;-)
Thank for your new product guys (and girls) , you just keep surprising me over and over again...

We went from ice cream to cheese! The Mozilla community is clearly not lactose intolerant.

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maxolasersquad said...

Next should be cream cheese I guess.