Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mozilla Community

As PR for Mozilla, I'm on the email alias for press inquiries. This means that I frequently see more spam in a day than most people see in a week. I get a ton of misdirected email and filter through it all to find the media requests that require attention. Through all the noise, I occasionally get an email that stands out, one that demonstrates the passion that people feel for Mozilla and Firefox.

Today, I got the following email from a boy named Brody:

Dear Mozilla,
I am fond of you internet service.
In fact, I drew it.
The notebook paper drawing is simply just the logo.
The other one-
Well, that's Scrap Paper from today's test.
It's a picture of the FireFox licking an Ice Cream.
The Caption reads:
We're so nice,
We'll even make you ice cream.
Good job.
Clicking away:
--Brody K. B.

Brody and I emailed a bit and then I talked to his dad (hi Don!) who agreed to let me share Brody's drawings with the entire Mozilla community. A big thank you to Brody for sending in his drawings!


Anonymous Coward said...

I'm so touched! *starts crying*

Anonymous said...


mozpkim said...

this made my week. thanks for posting.

Intoxica said...


Thanks for sharing this.

N said...

The official logo will now be re-made to incorporate an ice cream.