Monday, February 25, 2008

Mozilla wins EFF Pioneer Award, Finalist in Webware 100 Awards

Last week was chock full of good news. I got a call to alert me that Mitchell Baker and the Mozilla Foundation were awarded the EFF Pioneer Award, a prestigious honor reserved for individuals and organizations that have made significant and influential contributions to the development of computer-mediated communications and to the empowerment of individuals in using computers and the Internet.

Additionally, Mozilla Firefox was listed as a finalist for the Webware 100 Awards. Voting is now open for these awards and I encourage everyone to stop by the website and vote for Firefox in the Browsing category. Voting is open until March 31.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another great email...

I got another great email from a Firefox community member. This one comes from Rosa and was too funny not to share.

Dear Firefox team,
After installing the new beta version this morning (thanks btw!), I realized that I had no more time to make lunch to bring to work. So I decided to pick up a quick sandwich in our new neighborhood sandwich-shop; " Lu-sub"recently opened by a sweet Vietnamese old man "Lu" who had his filtered-water-shop there before. As he showed me proudly his new printed poster of the menu on the wall (see picture attached), my eyes where especially caught by the "steak" sandwich; with " Mozilla cheese" who knew!!! Being Dutch, I am a big cheese fan, and also a big Mozilla fan, finally my two favorites together;-)
Thank for your new product guys (and girls) , you just keep surprising me over and over again...

We went from ice cream to cheese! The Mozilla community is clearly not lactose intolerant.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Quote of the day

I love this bit of writing...

I do think it behooves all of us to be skeptical of news organizations that behave like adolescents, no matter where your political allegiances lie. As all of us remember I'm sure, teen-age hormones and mood swings are very unpredictable. That boy may love you today, but loyalty isn't his strong suit. Tomorrow, he will kiss and tell, turn his back and take up with another without a second thought. News organizations that behave this way are not good for our democracy. This isn't the homecoming game -- it's an election.