Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mozilla Security Quiz Live on Facebook!

Today, we released the Mozilla Security Quiz to the world! We're very excited to share the application with everyone.

You can go take the quiz here:

Months ago, we sat down to talk about how - in addition to the work we were doing with security research and technical communities - we could have a direct role in educating users about online security. We saw an opportunity to communicate information that we felt was very important - key tips for keeping people safe online.

While we were working through the concept, the marketing and web development teams were in tight coordination with Mozilla's world-class security experts to make the survey adhere to Mozilla stringent privacy requirements. Where most Facebook applications allow developers a lot of access to personal data, we wanted to collect as little information as possible. In fact, we only wanted to see how people did on the quiz, we didn't care about location, gender, education, etc. To make sure we weren't collecting any secondary information, we hashed the Facebook user ID. This means that neither Mozilla, nor anyone else, can tell who answered which questions or what their responses were.

Please go check out the quiz and let us know what you think!

Big thank yous to:
Sarah Doherty
John Slater
Mike Morgan
Johnathan Nightingale
Brandon Sterne
Laura Mesa
Elise Allen


Anonymous said...

Why long and complex chains of letters and numbers? We already have to remember too many passwords, pin codes, id numbers, usernames, etc., and it is getting really painful and stressful after a while. Some organisations force us to use long chains of letters and numbers even for usernames, because that's what their filing is based on. Password managers do not work with all websites/programs unfortunately. And some of us need to use more than one computer, e.g. home and work.

Some years ago it wasn't so difficult to remember all those codes and passwords, but as I'm getting older, it's becoming more and more painful.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a version of the quiz for me and others, who does not use Facebook and other such asocial networking sites?