Friday, December 19, 2008

Second Annual Ken Kovash Day Celebrations Begin

Second Annual Ken Kovash Day Celebrations Begin

Numbers panic, have nowhere to hide

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. - December 19, 2008 - Today ushers in the second annual Ken Kovash Day. Last year’s celebration was the first of its kind. It was a significant milestone for Ken Kovash fans worldwide.

In its second year, Ken Kovash Day (KKD) celebrations went above and beyond those of last year. An official website,, officially launched today. Kovash fans everywhere can go online and share their adoration with the world. Additionally, fans can make and purchase KeKo-inspired clothing at

"Some people mistakenly think Ken looks out only for number one. But that sells him way, way short,” said, David Rolnitzky. “There are a lot of other numbers he looks out for."

"I have never seen someone hunt down data abnormalities with such precision, determination, and skill as Ken Kovash,” said Justin Fligtar Scott. “Since Ken has been around, we've actually noticed data voluntarily working to correct itself rather than face a never-ending pursuit of the truth by The Numerator."

About Ken Kovash
Kovash, aka the Numerator at Mozilla, began his career at Boomerang, followed by a brief stint at Yahoo. He also worked as a Research Associate at Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory. In 2006, Kovash graduated with an MBA from University of Chicago. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from UC Berkeley.

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