Friday, May 29, 2009

Good read from the Bad Pitch Blog...

What Just Happened To The Long Tail?

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The weekly newspaper reaches a niche who cares: community. That’s saying a lot. I wonder if that’s just a little too old-fashioned for Anderson groupies to grasp. Alas, I’m grateful to Anderson because his statement will influence the suits and help them finally get that “PR By The Pound” is a 1990s concept. Yes, you want to reach a lot of people with a message. However, doing so indiscriminately will not work since there’s no power in the message-less story that gets to the wrong (untargeted) individual.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A year in the life...

Updating some Mozilla slides from just about a year ago.

Last year, Firefox had 175+ million users.
This year, Firefox has 270+ million users.

Last year, Firefox was in 45+ languages.
This year, it's 70+.

Last year, there were 500 million downloads.
This year, we're upwards of 800 million.

The momentum is truly astounding. It's easy to get in the flow of things and focus on what's ahead but it's really amazing to peek back every so often. :)