Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ken Kovash Day Declared

Ken Kovash Day Declared

Millions of KoKo fans cheer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. - December 19, 2007 - Today has officially been named Ken Kovash Day. This day honors the most statistically significant man in recent memory. In its first year, KoKo (also sometimes called KeKo) fans plan to make Ken Kovash Day an annual event.

"At first I though Ken was actually a gorilla, because I kept hearing how 'Koko' would do some acquisition funnel analysis for our department meeting. It was confusing, because I wasn't sure gorillas were that advanced with marketing analytics yet."
said, David Rolnitzky. "Now I know, that there are few beasts or people who could do the type of top-notch analysis that Ken provides."

"Simply put, I'm crazy for Koko," said Mary Colvig.

"I'm such a fan of Ken's that just to feel smart, I've started calling myself the denominator," said Alex Polvi. "As the denominator, I hope I can rise to brilliance that is the Numerator."

Kovash, aka the Numerator at Mozilla, began his career at Boomerang, followed by a brief stint at Yahoo. He also worked as a Research Associate at Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory. In 2006, Kovash graduated with an MBA from University of Chicago. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from UC Berkeley.

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