Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the wire

The actors on this show have the worst bawlmer accents I have ever heard. Have these people ever been to charm city? The actors either sound like they're from Atlanta or New York. Nobody sounds like Baltimore.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I crack myself up. Frisco, I miss you!

when i was a kid

When i was a kid, i was maybe 2 or 3, my mom walked in and caught me drawing with pens all over the sheets on her bed.

When she said, "MISSY! What are you doing? Why are you drawing all over the sheets?"

I looked up at her and said "I couldn't find any paper."

So I was in a writing mood this afternoon and I found myself plagued with this 23 year old problem of the lack of proper writing materials. I don't have any blank journals at the house. Computer paper is really lousy for soul-writing and backs of envelopes somehow always find their way to the trash before the vital scraps of information they contain can be transfered to a proper document. This brought me to my next problem. I fundamentally do not believe in the longevity of a paper document anymore. I don't even believe in discs or removable storage because by the time I need to retrieve the document, the storage device is out of date and the information is enternally held hostage by progress.


I'm blogging.

But it's only because I couldn't find any paper.

I have really tried to resist blogging for a long time. It's not because I am technophobic - far from it. It was a privacy thing for me. I didn't initially feel comfortable with the idea of complete strangers knowing all my thoughts. And then I figured out that it's not all my thoughts. It's the ones that I choose to type up and post to the world for consumption.

So for your viewing pleasure: Here's my blog.