Sunday, October 21, 2007

Psychic Graffiti

Came home to graffiti on my house for the first time since we moved. On our white garage door someone wrote "My friends all got lazy" in black sharpie and decorated it with a little scroll. I'd post a picture but my digicam is in Korea at the moment. I'm curious to see how long it stays up there. It's not terrible looking and it's sort of a funny sentiment.

Maybe I've been living in cities for too long but I've developed a fondness for the graffiti. The Mission is covered in these amazing, colorful murals but those aren't really graffiti since they're put up by an organization called Precita Eyes.

At the old house, graffiti was our neighborhood barometer. It was as accurate as any newsletter. When the gangs were active, new tags would show up overnight - rivals would cross out each other's tags and then they'd write their own higher up the wall. This wasn't pretty graffiti but it was very informative.

Sometimes I think the graffiti I read was put there just for me. Like secret messages in the fortune cookie of life. One time, I saw "And the truly beautiful people never worry about their fingernails." I love that one.

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