Saturday, March 17, 2007

stuck in boston on st paddy's day

when i was younger i always thought that the opportunity to travel for business was really cool. my dad used to say "same conference room, different city." i romanticized the idea of getting to see the world, stay at chic hotels, eat great food and all on the company dime.

when my client asked me to travel to the boston area for 2 days, i was fine with taking the trip. i was only expecting to be on the ground for 36 hours and then would turn right around and head back to my 70 degree weather in san francisco. somehow, this is not what happened.

i ended up renting a car from alamo - something i'd never do again. they didn't have anything with 4 wheel drive so i couldn't upgrade to a vehicle that could handle the predicted snow storm. my very smart client got an suv.

on friday morning, the flurries started. how novel. how exciting. how pretty. i haven't seen snow in about four years. what a treat. then the snow got heavier. and the flakes got bigger. by the time i left my morning meeting and began the drive to my afternoon meeting, the snow had begun to stick to the ground. when i left my afternoon meeting, my flight was still listed as "on time" and so i braved the scary driving conditions and made my way to logan. by the time i approached the airport, i literally couldn't see 20 feet in front of me. it was a white out.

i dropped off my rental car and made my way to the airport where i was told that i was booked on the last flight to o'hare out of logan. how lucky was i?! after several delays, they finally canceled 90% of flights out of logan, mine included. the next flight out that i was able to book gets me back to sf at 11pm tonight. i have a full day to kill in boston and it just so happens to be st. patrick's day.

the city is overrun with college students dressed in green who started drinking at 10am. good times. i'm about to grab some lunch across the street and i'll probably order myself a pint. i'm hopeful that my flight out tonight will be on time.

so much for the joys of business travel. :D

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